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When it comes to bathrooms we believe there is no room too small to create astonishing end results you will love. May it be slight refurbishment or complete remodeling. All done according to your specific needs.


Kitchens might come in different styles, but they are always beating heart of every home. Whether contemporary or traditional style, you can be sure we will install your kitchen in a professional manner in the fastest possible way.


House extensions or simple conservatory are great ways to increase the living space for you and your family. And we will gladly help you with both. They are also a perfect method to invite more light and outside-feeling into your home.


Our mission is to help you create a home of your dreams. One of the ways to achieve can be adaption of unused space. This includes loft conversions. And also less popular, but often more functional, basement and garage conversions.


Our offer goes beyond only bathrooms, kitchens, extensions or conversions. We can help you with painting, decorating, carpentry and installation of appliances. Whatever necessary to make you feel even more like home.

Anything else?

We will give you a hand with any other challenge or issue you might have. What's more important we will do it with great pleasure. Whether it's plumbing, electricity or anything else just call or drop us a message.

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Let Us Give You A Hand

We’re happy to help you with any sort of challenge you might have. Because it’s not about getting the job done. It’s about getting it done right!

Highest Quality Standards

Our company always focused on delivering high quality products to our Clients and it hasn't changed over the years.

Timely Manner

We know how important it is for you to follow promised timeline, so we do our best to finish all the agreed works on time.

Clean & Tidy

House renovation can cause a lot of mess, but we will always make sure your beloved place is treated in a right manner.

Top-Notch Solutions

Whether it's house painting, new kitchen or loft conversion we will always go extra mile to advise you the best solution.

Design & Materials Advisory

With so many designs & materials available it can be quite a headache to choose the right ones. Hence, we're here for you.

Credit Card Payments

We accept all major credit cards and e-wallet payments encrypted and compliant with PCI DSS policy for your convenience.

Our work speaks for itself

We Understand Your Worries

We’re happy to help you with any sort of challenge you might have. Because it’s not about getting the job done. It’s about getting it done right!

Budget Constraints

We understand that home renovations and refurbishments can be expensive, and we work with our clients to develop a plan that fits their budget. Without compromise on quality. We'd love to help you prioritise the needs and wants to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Time Constraints

Most of our clients lead busy lives, we get that. That's why we always try to work around your schedules to minimise the disruption. Our team is efficient and effective, and we can manage the project from start to finish to ensure that our clients don't have to worry about overseeing the renovation.

Knowledge & Expertise

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the renovation process, and we can guide you through every step of the way. We can provide advice on design and style choices, material selection, and project management to ensure that you are informed and confident throughout the process.

Reliable & Trustworthy

We pride ourselves on our reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, and we have many satisfied clients who can attest to the quality of our work. We are fully licensed and insured, and we have a team of experienced workers who are committed to delivering exceptional results.

Daily Life Disruption

Renovations can be disruptive. That's why we work with you to minimise it as much as possible. That includes developing a plan that takes into account your daily routines and schedules, and we can work efficiently and effectively to ensure that the project is completed as quickly as possible.

Design & Style Choices

With so many design and style choices you can get dizzy. We can guide and advise you with that as well, so you make the best choices for your home. And most importantly to ensure that your design and style choices reflect your personal taste and preferences. To make your home the way you want.

Our Many Customers Agree

We would have no hesitation in recommending Polda Builders to anyone who requires a professional job, properly carried out by a skilled and willing workman, capable of fulfilling to the highest standard any job undertaken.
Carole & Douglas Pearl
Norwich, Norfolk
I have employed Polda Builders for over the last 7 years to do a variety of work on my flat in Battersea. I recommend them highly for their high standard of work, and ability to think and solve problems.​
Michael Warren
Battersea, London
The finished result is always good. Polda Builders consider the difficulties of the job in hand and are able to offer solutions to problems which prove insoluble to others. Cheerful in their work ethic, I am happy to recommend the quality of finished work.​
Brenda Ferry
Wandsworth, London

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