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Bathroom is usually one of the smallest if not the smallest room of the entire house. At least in most of the UK households. And also usually least seen by visitors.

But its importance is absolutely inversely proportional to its size or visitors exposure. I believe no one needs to be convinced about that. Hence, this is the room we should take a special care of.

We have covered the bathroom design in one of our previous posts available below, so you feel free to check it out.

In this post, however, we would like to touch this topic from slightly different angle. Namely from bathroom fixtures point of view. Or in other words bathroom furniture. Once you have planned the layout, you have your perfect design picked it is time to choose and install all your appliances.

And this is exactly what we are covering here with a help of infographic you can find below and few extra lines of comments what is worth to bear in mind. You will definitely enjoy it, so let’s dive in!

How to Choose Right Bathroom Fixtures

How to Choose Right Bathroom Fixtures

  1. Colour and Material – Believe it or not you do not have to go for white ceramic. It’s XX1 century, there is a massive choice of colours and materials. Go wild and pick what goes best with your personality!
  2. Comfort and Ease of Cleaning – Don’t know about you, but I like to take longer bath once in a while, so comfort should be one of the points. Plus, whether you like it or not the stuff needs cleaning…
  3. Size and Size of the Bathroom – Just like with materials and colours there is a whole range of different sizes so you can choose just right one to the size of your bathroom.
  4. Resistance – It might sound funny, but such thing does exist. Your bathroom fixtures do have different resistance and can get easily broken. Or not.
  5. Design – I believe this one is self-explanatory. The design range nowadays is simply limitless so you really don’t have to go for anything boring.

How to Choose Right #BathroomFixtures: 1) Colour and Material. 2) #Comfort and Ease of Cleaning. 3) Size and Size of the Bathroom. 4) Resistance. 5) #Design. #bathroomRenovation

Comprehensive List of Bathroom Fixtures

Now, you are probably wondering what other bathroom fixtures there might be aside of bathtub and sink. As a matter of fact the list is not that broad, but usually bathrooms are way too small to install them all.

However, some of them can be actually very useful and if you have an empty corner maybe there is something for you:

  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Wet rooms
  • Flush toilets
  • Bidets
  • Urinals
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Drinking fountains

How to Install Bathroom Fixtures

Aside of that, especially online, you can find plenty of gadgets that can be a massive improvement to every bathroom. Even if you haven’t done any major changes or refurbishments.

For example Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with PreMist you can find on Amazon or eBay.

It has front and rear warm water cleanse with five adjustable temperature and pressure settings. On top of that it was designed with heated seat, warm air dryer, and automatic air deodorizer for added comfort.

Simply stunning!

How to Install Bathroom Fixtures

Installation of bathroom fittings will vary depending on what fixture it exactly is. However, there are certain rules that are universal and apply to all of them.

First of all you have to cut off the water. It might sound obvious, but surprisingly often it’s not the case… Once you have this part covered you can proceed to dismantle the currently installed fixture.

Bathtub and Shower Tray

Just be careful, some bolts might be rusted so they can be easily broken. In most cases broken bolts are not comfortable to deal with, so try to be gentle and use some coke, vinegar or professional rust remover.

You might want to wait a little bit and then try to unscrew it. Below you can find a really good video that presents how to deal with a bathtub installation.

The shower tray installation will be slightly different, but the rule is basically the same. And if you are only replacing your shower tray, that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

The only important thing you have to remember is to make sure everything is properly fixed, sealed and you used joint compound on your drainage where necessary. If you are not sure you can deal with it on your own it’s better to use professionals.

Ultimately you can drop us a line at and we will try to help.

Sink Installation

Sink replacement is also fairly simple. Before you unscrew the P Trap put an empty bucket underneath to catch the remaining water. Once you have disconnected all the pipes from the sink you can unscrew the sink itself.

If the sink has been installed on top of the cabinet it might have supporting bolts underneath. Once you undo them please make sure you have someone to secure it doesn’t fall on top of your head.

If it’s rather old and has been installed to the wall you might have to install the new hangers.

Once is fitted nicely on the wall or on top of the cabinet next step would be connecting the water lines and P Trap pipe back again. Sometimes it’s necessary to use flexible hoses just like the ones right here. T

hey really do make your life much easier. To finish off the entire task put the sealant on and voila! Job done.

Hand drawn arrows come from the following source, designed by Freepik:

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