The Most Common Home Repairs and How to Easily Fix Them

The Most Common Home Repairs

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Without a shadow of doubt owning a house or a flat is a fantastic thing. You can arrange things inside how you like to make it cosy and to feel… well, like home.

Is there a greater feeling than a cup of hot tea and interesting book in your living room?

Especially around Christmas time when, we hope, all of us had a little bit more time to relax and spend it on our passions. Or just sleep a little bit longer and watch our favorite football team, since Christmas is packed with Premier League and Championship matches.

Unfortunately, like with everything in life, your own house or flat is not only sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes there is a need to do some DIY.

Either by some small home improvements or out of necessity when something breaks. You can read about the first topic in our other blog posts. We have covered so far quite a big range of different DIY tasks.

For example, you can find more about electrics and about your house exterior below.

What we haven’t done so far is the most common home repairs and how to fix them with ease. Aside of the most basic ones like unclogging a drain and fixing a wallpaper seam, we have put down quite of a list! Be sure to check it out.

Common Household Repairs You can do Yourself

Almost everything inside our place of living is a subject to wear-and-tear. It’s just a natural turn of things that after some time certain items refuse to cooperate further.

Honestly speaking I cannot think of one object that will not require some repair once in a while. Maybe foundations and solid walls can be excluded from that list.

Even if they do it’s usually after long period of time. But anything else be sure you will have to have a look.

It’s just a natural turn of things that after some time certain items refuse to cooperate further. #DIY #homeRepairs

This list could probably go on and on. However, we decided to focus only on 10 most common household repairs we have experienced over the years. The good new are we will show you how you can fix them easily yourself! Here it comes.

Smelly Dishwasher

We are going to start with the all-time favourite – smelly dishwasher is a friend to no one. Unfortunately it’s pretty common thing, since it does what it does. There are basically three sources of bad dishwasher odors.

The screen at the bottom, sprayer arm ports and the door lip. If you clean those you will first of all get rid of bad smell and second of all you will achieve higher hygiene.

If this does not help you can always use a dishwasher cleaner and run a full cycle.

Smelly Dishwasher

Loud Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors shut can be super annoying, but the good news are it is also super easy to fix. Just stick door and drawer bumpers.

You can get a pack of 49 soft, self adhesive pads for 3 pounds in Screwfix or a pack of 100 for 4 pounds in B&Q. Or maybe even cheaper on eBay. Very classy and barely visible. Works like magic.

Loud Cabinet Doors
Image Credit: B&Q

Loose Shower Head

If you have entire piping hidden behind the walls and shower head mounted on the wall it can happen after certain time that it will get loose. The easiest fix to that is to use a little bit of expanding foam.

Just protect everything around it and put few squirts inside the holes. You can also fix this way other loose piping in general. Just make sure there are no any leaks.

Loose Shower Head

Leaky Doors and Windows

This is not something that you can see straight away, but air leaks between frames and doors or windows can cost you extra. This is the first cause of temperature losses and as a result higher gas or electricity bills.

You can easily fix it with a use of door and window seals. Simple to install on a cost of almost nothing available at any home improvement stores or online.

Leaky Doors and Windows
Image Credit: B&Q

Hole in Drywall

We all know that, right? Plasterboard walls are great in terms of flexibility and ease of finish, but unfortunately they are also very vulnerable for damages.

You don’t have to be Jason Statham and run through them, but it just happens.

Or it might be just small holes left after a picture you were trying to hang. These you can easily fix with just a little bit of help of ready-mixed filler. If your problem = hole is bigger than that definitely check out the below video.

It’s an easy step by step on how to get it done.

Broken Toilet Lever

This one is pretty common and also pretty easy to fix. One of the reasons why it’s not working might be the chain that has just fell off. In order to fix it you need to open the tank and reattach it.

Job done.

Other reason might be it just served its time and need replacement. Handle and other parts might get corroded and break. You can buy all these part for few quid each.

Stuck Window

This is quite common if a window went too long without being opened. After some time the whole mechanism is just getting mucked up with dirt and rust.

Luckily, this is not very difficult issue to solve.

As a matter of fact even olive oil might do. If not try with one of more proper lubricants or agents like WD-40. Just be careful – WD-40 can damage plastic parts. It might be necessary wiggle a bit so be patient.

Just be sure to clean the window thoroughly once you’ve opened it.

Stuck Window

Smoke Detector

This is probably one of the essential things every household should have. Plus, the good thing is you can also hide a hole with them. The installation is fairly simple, unless you are planning to use the alarms that wire into the electricity supply.

In such case we would advise you to check with professional. Otherwise, you just need to find the right spot and fix it with a use of few anchors and screws. Just remember to check your batteries and replace them regularly as needed.

You can find a whole range of smoke and CO detectors here.

Smoke Detector
Image Credit:

Grout Tile

It might seem like a big deal, but the whole process is actually pretty simple. If you have unfinished grout or you need to regrout your tiles you can easily do it yourself.

Just bear in mind that in the latter case you have to get rid off old, loose grout first. When it comes to grouting itself you need bucket of water, damp sponge, grout spreader and grout of course.

Grout Tile

You can use powder or ideally ready-mixed. This way you can save yourself a hassle of getting the right texture. Then spread grout over the whole tile surface and make sure to cover the space between the tiles nicely. Next use damp sponge to clean excess of grout.

Gutter Guards

Maybe more maintenance than repair, but it is still extremely useful for every homeowner. It’s quite natural that gutters are getting blocked with leaves and all sort of dirt.

What’s even more natural is the fact that no one likes to clean them. In order to avoid it you can use one of the gutter guards which will effectively protect your gutter from accumulating everything that might block its patency.

You can check out different solutions and choose the best one for you right here.

Gutter Guards

Bonus: Stripped Screws? No Problem

This one is clearly not something you have to repair in your home. At least not directly. But stripped screws are nightmare of every DIYer, handyman or household owner. With a help of screw extractor kit you can out any screws. An absolute must-have! You can check it out here.

Simple Home Repairs for Women

Ladies, don’t get it twisted – you are 100% capable of every single one of the home repairs presented above. It’s not the gender that matters, but the fact that most boys are just fascinated by do-it-yourself from early age.

Thanks to that they develop certain set of skills helpful with those tasks.

However, if your favourite entertainment as a kid was spending time with your dad in the garage, you shouldn’t feel intimidated to perform any of the above. And even if not then you can still give a shot with that list and a help of our guidelines.

Agreed, some works are more complex than others. Hence, you might want to skip any sort of plumbing or electrics tasks. Especially electricity is no joke, but also any pipe work can cause more damage than it’s actually worth.

If you need any advice just drop us a line at, we’re more than happy to assist you.

Ultimately, if you really don’t feel like doing it or you will decide during the process that it’s just too much, don’t feel embarrassed to use professional help.

It’s not the gender, but the fact that most boys are just fascinated by do-it-yourself from early age. However, if your favourite entertainment as a little girl was spending time with your dad in the garage go for it! #DIYforWomen

That includes also you, gentlemen. There is no shame in asking someone else to do those home repairs. We, as human beings, cannot be good at everything.

And there is a reason why such profession exists. Sometimes, it “costs” more of your time to figure out certain things and then apply it than just paying the man.

However, we cannot deny there is a massive dose of satisfaction if you can actually do it. Your call 😉

Home Maintenance Made Easy

The truth is that the key to proper home maintenance is not actually fixing what is broken to maintain them in such way that they serve us longer. And then if you need to fix them is when you can show how great DIYer you are.

As a matter of fact we are planning to cover this topic in the next post and explain how you can improve your do-it-yourself skills fairly easy. You can also have a look on this article right here that presents 5 home maintenance tasks and easy step-by-step how to.

Every homeowner should have a checklist of all maintenance jobs to perform on regular basis. #homeowner #maintenance #DIY

For now let’s focus on how to not have a problem at first place. Every homeowner should have a checklist of all maintenance jobs to perform on regular basis.

Such as checking your automatic garage doors to ensure they are opening and closing as expected. Or replacing batteries in smoke detectors, cleaning your gutter, and inspecting your window and door caulking.

Not to mention your air conditioner, dishwasher, washing machine and filters if you use any.

You know what’s worse in that? To keep a track on all of those. Luckily, we found a cool journal exactly to that purpose you might find useful.

It’s not our product, we are not affiliate or anything. We just think it’s really cool and very helpful. You can check it out here. It’s only 10 pounds, but makes home maintenance so much easier.

Safety note:

Polda Builders do not hold any responsibility for misjudgment of what is sufficient for specific jobs. The above solutions are proven to work, but in this shape are purely informative and greatly dependent on how it’s being implemented.

Please take every possible effort in order to work safely and without unnecessary risks, especially with power tools and even more with electricity as mentioned in the article.

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