How to Design a Bathroom in 5 Effortless Steps

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As we already said if your home had the heart and soul it would be your kitchen and bathroom. Since, we have already covered kitchen design in the blog post available below, it’s now time for bathroom.

And both are equally important. Is there anything better than having a nice shower or long bath after long week in your perfectly designed bathroom? I guess not. If you don’t like your bathroom you should definitely change it.

Just like in case of kitchens, bathrooms are not so easy either. There are so many questions to answer. Like what kind of tiles should you choose? What colour? Should you go for a bathtub or a shower will do? Or maybe recently very popular wetroom is a right choice?

We got you. And we’re here to help.

We have prepared this infographic you can find below to make the whole process as easy as it can get. Plus we have added additional information to answer some of the questions you might have. Stick with us!

Step-by-step Bathroom Design Guide

Step-by-step Bathroom Design Guide

  1. Establish what you need – if you find it hard to think of anything, the easiest way to start is by thinking of what you don’t like about your current bathroom. Then you can go straight to what you would like to have. Just be rational. Bathtub in a very small room is not a very good idea.
  2. Do a research and pick a design you like – consider this is an inspiration. The beauty of bathrooms is that you can design almost anything you like. You can mix designs and concepts. Below you can find few useful links that might help you with entire process.
  3. Set a budget – just like in case of kitchens you can actually start the whole thing from this point. Nothing to be ashamed of, bathrooms can be extremely expensive. On the flip side, however, sometimes you can find interesting ideas in the “expensive projects” that can be easily adapted to the project of your dreams and won’t destroy your budget.
  4. Ventilation and lights are very important – during the entire fever of choosing the right design very often easily forgotten. And both are extremely important. Ventilation, because you no one wants mould in their bathroom. Lights, because usually bathrooms are pretty dark by the default.
  5. Plan it to maximise the space – agreed, no one is going to dance there, so you don’t need to go crazy about it. Just if it’s fairly small, and it’s usually the case, maybe it would be a good idea to remove the bathtub and install a shower or wet room instead.

1) Establish what you need. 2) Do a research and pick a #design you like. 3) Set a budget. 4) #Ventilation and lights are very important. 5) Plan it to maximise the space. #bathroomDesign #newBathroom

Factors to Consider When Planning a Bathroom

Hidden Problems

Bathrooms can be very tricky. Hence, on top of the above five steps you need to think of few more things. One of them and probably also the most important one is to expect the unexpectable.

I cannot tell you how often we came across various hidden problems, that effectively slowed down the entire process. It can be anything from plaster that is falling apart, through tiles laid on cement (not adhesive) to inefficient plumbing system for the new bathroom fixtures.

Plan ahead and give yourself some extra time for the whole project. Wouldn’t hurt to put few quid aside as well.


This one is a supplement to point number five from our infographic. As said before no one is going to dance there, but why not making it as spacious and functional as it can be? Especially in case of small bathrooms.

Of course it’s a challenge!

But sometimes moving a toilet from one side to another can make for a huge difference. Plus even in small bathrooms you can install some wall cabinets to organise your cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.

Factors to Consider When Planning a Bathroom

Is it Necessary?

The final advise we could give is to think whether you really need a new bathroom. Simple things like re-grouting, changing a sink, tap and mirror plus few minor changes, combined with finishing touches can work like magic.

This way you can freshen it up without spending a fortune. You have to remember that new bathroom is quite a big and expensive project.

It can be quite a headache too. Depending on the design and works involved it can take some time and you won’t be able to use your bathroom normally. If you are in doubt drop us a line at

We will try to propose a tailored and optimal solution just for you. And free of charge if you would need one.

What is the Best App to Design a Bathroom UK

Right, so hopefully you have gone through all five steps from our infographic. And you have also learnt about the factors to consider when planning a bathroom from the above paragraph.

Now, you can finally move to the next phase and bring your ideas to life. If you need more help or you are just a fan modern, high-tech solutions, we have good news.

We have prepared a list of three best bathroom design apps for iOS and Android.

You can find them below, so be sure to check them out. Honestly speaking, you can’t go wrong with their help. Good luck!

Best Bathroom Design App for iPad

  1. Home Design 3D – With Home Design 3D, designing and remodeling your house in 3D has never been so quick and intuitive! That’s what the developer says. And the reality? It is a great app that gives you plenty of functionalities. You can design your floor plan, add furniture and decorate. Just be aware that you cannot save your projects in the free version.
  2. Bathroom Planner – is a fairly simple to use app. Just as we would expect with any sort of such apps, you don’t need to be an engineer to create beautiful and realistic bathroom interior designs easily in 2D and 3D. Other good news are it can be done online or offline. You can create fantastic bathroom in minutes with no special skills or complicated manuals thanks to drag and drop functionality.
  3. Matterport 3D Showcase – if you are looking to have a little bit more VR experience while designing your bathroom this app is definitely for you. In 2015 Matterport have raised $30 million to develop their 3D and VR technology. Although, they are not quite there yet, this is definitely an app to keep an eye on.

Best Bathroom Design App for Android

  1. Houzz – the biggest strength of this app is definitely possibility to connect with over 2 million active home improvement professionals. And that includes architects, contractors, decorators and many others. Another awesome functionality? You can choose from more than 10 million products and materials at great prices.
  2. magicplan – this app is a little bit more for professionals, but every user will appreciate its great functionalities. One thing to mention is that you can create a floor plan by taking pictures and adding objects, annotations, products price lists, tasks and so on. Do not know about you, but we are truly impressed.
  3. Home Planner for IKEA – you don’t have to be a fan of IKEA to appreciate this tool. It is a simple app that will allow you to create beautiful and realistic designs in 2D and 3D with ease. Thanks to this app you will be able to choose and customize furniture, accessories and decor elements from a regularly re-stored catalog. And that’s all with a use of drag and drop to place items on your layout.

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