Is House Extension the Best Possible Home Improvement?

Is House Extension the Best Possible Home Improvement?

This is the question we do get a lot. Frankly speaking it’s really hard to judge. There is no “one size fits all” solutions in home improvement area. There are people with different needs, different expectations and most importantly different budgets.

Besides, something absolutely top for me, might be merely average for you. Hence, it’s impossible to say “yes” or “no”. It really depends.

Nonetheless, it is an amazing home improvement idea for someone who is looking to get more space.

And if that person doesn’t want to move somewhere else we have a jackpot! I mean, who likes moving out and moving in anyway? On top of that the real estate prices are through the roof.

So if you think about it this way this is probably the best home improvement you can make. Although, you have to remember about few downsides of this solution. That’s why we have prepared this article, so you can know what to expect and how the whole process looks like.

It also might not be the cheapest home improvement, but additional square metres will have its reflection on the price of the property.

I can assure you that if it’s only done well, it will definitely be well invested money.

Plan Your Extension Without Planning Permission...

Ideally you want to save yourself unnecessary hassle. Building a house extension can be a little disruptive to your normal life. The last thing you want is filling out more papers than necessary and hoping your project will get accepted.

Of course, it’s not the end of the world if you have to do it. And if you really want something bigger than a “standard” extension then it’s perfectly fine to obtain such permission.

I am more than sure you will get it. It’s just quicker and less problematic, that’s all.

And in order to do it without permission you have to follow a few simple rules. We have described everything in the article below, but the most important ones are:

  • It cannot be higher than the highest part of the roof
  • Single storey extension can’t be higher than four metres
  • Single-storey rear extension must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than three metres if an attached house or by four metres if a detached house

More of this and much more from technical and legal point of view you can find in our post below. But again you can try to get a planning permission if you would like to have a bigger extension than this provided under “permitted development rights”.

There shouldn’t be much of an issue as long as you follow the regulations, but you will have to wait eight weeks for a decision.

Everything you need to know can be found under this link right here.

Please bear in mind that no matter what, the one thing you just cannot escape is building regulations. Even in case when you don’t need planning permission you need to make sure the alteration is safe to use.

This is absolutely imperative.

...and be Prepared Extension Will Take Weeks to Build

Another thing you should definitely take under consideration is the fact that it will not be done quick. Building a house extension is not painting a room, so it cannot be done in a day or two.

Depending on the project it can take few weeks, but in most cases of small extensions you have to expect around three months. Sometimes even four months and in case of larger projects aim for six months at least.

These are all estimates and should be treated only as a hint of how long it can really take.

It might seem shocking, but you have to understand it’s actually pretty massive project. You are basically building another part of your house. It just has to take time.

The moment you decide you want to go ahead with such kind of project you have to go through few steps. Sometimes people decide to extend to the side, but in most cases they will just do it at the back of their house.

And that’s the easy part.

Aside of that you have to choose your design team, select or specify your project design, do planning and meet building regulations. Then you can choose your building crew and start the construction part.

As Polda Builders we are always at your service. If you are looking for reliable builders you can trust just follow the button at the very bottom of this page and claim your free quote.

To be safe you have to plan at least four months for construction works, but it can vary.

Depending on the project, size and complexity it can take longer or a little bit shorter, but precise estimations can be done only based on requirements. And even then it can change due to potential changes after the construction works have already started.

Plan Your Extension Without Planning Permission...

Before we start any works we will make sure the rest of your house is protected from dust and dirt, but it might not be always possible in 100%. But don’t worry, we will take care of that.

In case planned works will have an impact on your kitchen we can set up a temporary kitchenette, so you don’t have to move out somewhere else.

The Most Important Thing When Building House Extension

There are many things you have to take under the account. Before and after the construction works have started. Choosing a project that you will love, taking care of all the legal matters.

Then you have to make sure the foundations are solid, walls are being built appropriately and everything is going according to a plan.

And the only way to do it is by selecting the right crew that will do a good job.

Price should not always be the main factor. You should look at it more from price / quality ratio. How good the final product you can get for certain price. Sometimes it’s just not worth to save few quid.

From the money perspective the average market prices per square metre are as following:

  • Basic quality can cost anything between £1,400 and £1,800
  • Good quality can cost anything between £1,800 and £2,100
  • Excellent quality can cost anything between £2,100 and £2,400

Even £1,400 per square metre can be really cheap in some location, you should probably expect a price of at least £1,600 per square metre. It also depends on the project itself.Conservatories are usually much cheaper and it can be really good alternative.

#House #Extension pricing: basic quality can cost anything between £1,400 and £1,800; good quality can cost anything between £1,800 and £2,100; excellent quality can cost anything between £2,100 and £2,400

You should think about it as an investment. By paying slightly higher price you reduce the risk you will have to spend additional amount to make it right if someone very cheap will do a terrible job.

Considering the time and money needed, this is the home improvement you want to do only once.

What Can be the Purpose of Your House Extension

The ultimate goal is obvious, you want to get more space. And whether your family is getting bigger or you just decided your house is a little bit too small it’s totally up to you.

Of course, it is also totally up to you what you would like your house extension to turn into. However, kitchen would require additional plumbing and wiring, so please keep that in mind and plan in advance.

Other than that, you can do whatever you like and that’s the beauty of it.

Below you can find few ideas of what your house extension can actually be:

  • New spacious and designed kitchen with access to garden
  • Dining room with potential to hold parties for friends and family
  • Home office with plenty of light and garden view
  • Bright and fantastic playroom for your kids
  • Brand new bedroom with huge bifold doors
  • Almost stand-alone apartment for guests

Your #HouseExtension can be a kitchen, dining room, home #office, playroom, bedroom or stand-alone apartment for guest. The potential is massive! #CambridgeRenovations

As you can see there is huge potential behind your house extension.

And in case you would like to reduce the costs, apart from the kitchen, any of the above ideas can be successfully placed inside of the modern conservatory.

If you are looking for inspirations under this link you can find 12 affordable designs that are simply stunning.

Make Great Extensions Even Greater With What You Love

When it comes to decorating your house extension it’s purely your invention. You can go for modern, traditional, scandinavian or any other style you like. You can also combine more than one style with each other.

Probably the best idea is to simply go with what feels the best for you. If you love pictures use the brand new walls to hang your collection.

Book lover? Go for it! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

The Most Important Thing When Building House Extension

Maybe adding some greenery could be a great idea to consider. This would create a pleasant feeling and “invite” the garden inside to your home.

The only thing I would recommend doing already at the planning phase is to include rooflight in your project. This is a fantastic idea that makes the whole room much brighter with natural light.

It also gives you an impression of being outside.

Building a house extension gives you a possibility to finally have your fireplace. It makes for a great addition and can be very energy efficient. Flueless gas fires are 100% energy efficient and require no chimney or flue.

What else? Consider an extension without flat ceiling to show the roof structure and expose few bricks here and there. It will create an awesome effect.

Other interesting idea is to install massive bifold doors that will allow you to open the entire back wall. This way you can enjoy your garden even more.

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