Home Decor Nightmare, Here's How I Made it Right

Home Decor Nightmare, Here's How I Made it Right

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Some people are just great at decorating their house. Some people are not. Honestly speaking I am from the second group of people. And this is probably where the majority of the entire population actually is.

The reason is simple – you don’t study this topic every single day. On top of that the whole process takes a little bit of artistic soul and dose of imagination. I do admire people who can jump on it and “see” how it can look like.

Just like the founder of Polda Builders.

However, if you are more like me, the author of this post, you know it can be quite a challenge. Or even a nightmare. So I had to come up with my way of facing this challenge.

Although, it’s probably still more art than science I was able to create more methodical approach. You can find it in form of infographic below. No need to thank, people like us should stick together 😉

Step-by-step Interior Design Guide

Step-by-step Interior Design Guide

  1. Go through as many designs as you can – and take your time to digest them all. If you don’t follow the trends regularly you will probably have quite a lot to catch on. Plus inspiration does not come straight away and sometimes you need a little bit more time.
  2. Budget – if you don’t have a lot money to spend “Vintage” might be the way to go. Why? Think about it, people are actually throwing out their old stuff. Ultimately you can buy it for dirt cheap at car boot sales or online.
  3. Make clear what the room is for – whether to sleep, work or chill changes a lot. In a living room you might want to have all these things that makes it cosy. If it’s a place to work you probably don’t need as many additions. Besides, all of them can have different styles.
  4. Establish what you do not like and what exactly you would like to change. This is the easiest way to start. The answer might be “everything”, but if your bank account doesn’t say “I’m too fat” better try to dig a little bit deeper. Is it the colour? Your sofa? Or maybe just the way it has been arranged?
  5. Think of details. Sometimes adding few pictures or colourful throw can be all you need to transform the room. And even if you have changed everything these small additions might give the extra taste that’s been missing.
  6. Mix things up – who said you cannot combine different styles? Let yourself go and be creative 🙂 the mismatched furniture and additions can create amazing outcome!

1) Go through as many #designs as you can. 2) Budget. 3) Make clear what the #room is for. 4) Establish what you do not like. 5) Think of #details. 6) Mix things up. #interiorDesign #homeDecor

Anything else?

Of course it’s not all, but these 6 points should give you a great start to your own home decor. At the end of the day you are the one who should feel there like home and not anyone else.

We have different tastes, preferences and needs.

Hence, I believe there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to home decor. In the next two paragraphs you can find more tips on what exactly you can do if you are trying to decorate your house on budget or in a rented flat.

Hopefully, combined with above infographic makes it extremely valuable.

A huge part of decorating your home is right lighting, without a shadow of doubt. Click the link below to learn everything you need to know about lighting.

How to Decorate a House Without Spending a Fortune UK

Speaking of challenges, it might seem that if there is anything more challenging than to decorate your house it’s probably doing it without spending a fortune. Luckily, it is possible and as a matter of fact it’s not that difficult.

We just need to leverage three points from our infographic – budget, details and what you dislike about the room.

Why these three? Once you know what you don’t like you can change it. And that can be repainting the walls which is fairly simple to achieve and contribute to a huge difference.

However, the easiest and probably also the cheapest way to make a massive improvement to your interior design is by adding more flowers and plants. From my personal perspective way too many households in UK do not have any.

And it’s a perfect way to feel much more cosy and add more life to your house.

And when it comes to cosy – blankets and sheepskins are what you need. Frankly speaking it changes everything. Especially during cold days like recently.

How to Decorate a House Without Spending a Fortune UK

You need more tips? There you go!

  • Old furniture can add a special flavour
  • Vintage or country style make it cosy
  • Visit car boot sale and accept furniture from family
  • Change small details, for example door handles
  • Shelf and storage boxes can change a lot
  • Create a small photo gallery
  • Not all towels have to look the same
  • Rearrange stuff, move furniture around
  • Add colours and something eye catching
  • It’s a game of lights, have plenty and install dimmer switches
  • Try yourself at DIY

How to Decorate Rented Flat to Feel Like Home 2019

Now, things are slightly different in your own house or flat and if you rent one. The common belief is that you cannot take with what you have put in. And it’s partially true.

This, however, should not discourage you to try to make yourself feel like home.

Unless, you are planning to move out in 6 months. In such case leave it as it is. But if not you can definitely use few ideas from the above list. Forget about painting your landlord’s furnitures, but you can surely rearrange the rooms.

Another thing you can have a go at without asking for any kinds of permissions is adding plants, flowers and storage boxes. Also other small things, like changing door handles shouldn’t be much of an issue.

If you will keep and put back the old ones once it’s necessary.

Small wall photo gallery is a big yes. You can buy them for really cheap in any supermarket and although they might be poor quality they can make really cool design. And you know what? Towels in different colours look insanely good!

How to Decorate Rented Flat to Feel Like Home 2019

Would you like to see some examples for inspiration? We believe that if there is something of great quality, there is no point of repeating the same stuff. Hence, here you can find a great article on 20 decorating ideas for your rented flat.


Amazing part about this post is that many things shown inside can be done at small or no costs at all. Example? Using windows as a natural spotlight. Brilliant!

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