Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Remodeling

Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Remodeling

Alongside bathroom your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. Of course all of them are important, it wouldn’t be real home without at least one bedroom and some space where you can relax.

However, really nicely done kitchen has the ability to make your home feel special. And I guess I don’t have to mention it adds value of your property and usually is a huge selling point.

Besides, I believe everyone likes to walk into a kitchen that has been designed and built exactly to one’s guidelines.

Into a kitchen of his or her dreams. Wouldn’t it be just a fantastic feeling?

To certain extent people do live in their kitchens, doing it right can be so uplifting. On the flip side, messed up kitchen is simply a disaster…

A disaster that you have to live with and that comes in all shapes and sizes. Starting with not enough space in working triangle, incorrectly installed cabinets and finishing with poor lighting.

Fortunately, we know how to make it right.

Below you can find everything you need to know to make a kitchen of your dreams, so stick with us.

Before You Start Analyse and Plan Your Ideal Kitchen

Both planning and analysing are crucial parts of any renovation process. You just need to know the current state of your kitchen and how would you like it to look like.

In simple words you have to establish how it is now and how it is going to be.

You can do that by asking yourself few vital questions and preparing a simple checklist:

  • Is there enough room or is it too small for you needs?
  • What do you like about this kitchen in the current state?
  • What do you dislike about this kitchen in the current state?
  • Is there enough space in working triangle (sink, cooktop, refrigerator)?
  • Would you say the position of the appliances is optimal or would you move anything?
  • Is there enough sockets and lights or it is too dark?

The above questions can be definitely helpful to evaluate the current state and condition and plan ahead your dreamed kitchen. Sometimes such trivial things like bin location can be quite a headache, but in the long run you will thank yourself for thinking about it.

All appliances need working space around them, remember about that. It’s very easy to overestimate the available space and over-pack your kitchen.

For the moment let’s focus on something slightly different. Namely the design itself.

How you want your kitchen to look like is purely personal choice. You can even combine two or three designs you found in some sort of the magazine or in one of the Pinterest boards.

How you want your #kitchen to look like is purely personal choice. You can even combine two or three #designs you found in some sort of the magazine or in one of the Pinterest boards. #KitchenRemodeling

And as a matter of fact this is exactly what you should do. Get inspired by many designs and collect ideas, even if it’s only fancy addon.

Despite what some people might say it also does make sense to consult a kitchen designer.

They can offer you plenty of simple ideas, but most importantly they are very up to date with trends, products and fittings. Also make sure your appliances look built-in.

Most Kitchen Renovations Require Demolition, be Prepared

But bad news is that before you can accomplish anything we have mentioned above first we will need to get rid off the old stuff. In case of small refurbishment usually demolition is not required.

Depending on how big the scale of planned works is, it might be enough to simply cover the furniture. And maybe temporarily move some of the things to another room.

That should allow you to use your kitchen pretty much as normal and builders to do their work.

At least that’s always our goal. We are trying to find a way to perform our tasks in the least disruptive manner for our Customers and their routines of everyday life.

However, if you are planning to completely renovate your kitchen, replace furniture and maybe even change the layout of your appliances then demolition is a must.

Most Kitchen Renovations Require Demolition, be Prepared

Especially when you would like to make the room bigger. And you have to be prepared for that.

Everything will have to be removed. As a result your kitchen will not be able to act as kitchen anymore. Please bear in mind it will take some time. If you ask me I believe it might be a good idea to plan the works when you will be on holidays. Or maybe even move out for a little while.

Extensive works that require demolition can be a little bit problematic and will involve some dust which can be a pain. At Polda Builders we do our best to protect your house.

Still, some unpleasantness are unavoidable during the works and you can’t do much about it.

The good news is all the sacrifice will be definitely worth it. You can’t have a rainbow without a little bit of rain and the results in most cases are spectacular.

In Some Cases You Might Need New Plumbing and Electricity

If you have decided the layout of your kitchen in the current state is not optimal, then you might need to rearrange pipes and wiring a little bit as well.

Luckily it’s not the end of the world. First of all you have to feel comfortable and most importantly it has to be practical. What’s the use of it otherwise?

And that’s why the first thing to establish is whether you have enough sockets or not.

It might seem like something irrelevant, but in the kitchen especially you need to have a lots of them. Just think about all the appliances that are being used in literally every household.

You’ve got refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, microwaves, kettles, toasters, in some cases coffee machines and everything else you don’t use on a daily basis like blenders or kitchen machines.

The last thing you want to do is unplugging and plugging in over and over again.

The first thing to establish is whether you have enough #sockets or not. The last thing you want to do is unplugging and plugging in your #devices over and over again. #CambridgeRenovations

Hence, it’s extremely important to think about it and plan in advance. Same goes to sink, dishwasher and washing machine position. We can do a pipe work for you without a fuss.

Especially that you won’t touch it probably for the next ten or fifteen years. Besides, it might be simply necessary in some more vintage houses to replace the old pipes.

On slightly different note I think I have finally made up my mind. I think kitchen IS the heart of every home.

This is where you prepare meals for your loved ones, decorate birthday cakes, prepare Christmas dinner and Sunday roast is being made. This is also where the best parties are taking place 😉

In the next two sections we will be discussing the design itself in much greater details and how to make your kitchen look much nicer without spending a fortune.

Combination of Tiles and Kitchen Furniture can Create Magical Effect

Right, so after all the preparation being finally done, you can proceed to tiling and actual installation of your kitchen.

However, ideally you want to choose your tiles and kitchen furniture before any works begin.

This way you can visualise the finished product much better. You plan it all at the very beginning. Of course you can still do some alterations and even change your tiles.

Before You Start Analyse and Plan Your Ideal Kitchen

But it is much more difficult to change your furniture later on. Your cabinets and cupboards should be tailored to your kitchen size and the layout.

So it might be a little bit of a hassle if you decided to move the wall or change the position of a cooker.

And choosing right furniture is as important as planning where everything should be located and how it all should look like. How do you do that? We have prepared few tips for you:

  • Don’t focus on one company, scan at least few to compare their offers
  • Think about quality, sometimes it is very much worth it to spend 10-20% more
  • Don’t buy it before seeing it with your own eyes, visit showrooms to judge yourself
  • Choose a design and colour palette that will match your home
  • Look for multifunctional kitchen island with additional built-in storage
  • What will match your kitchen best – matte or shiny?
  • Consider choosing handle-free furniture to achieve elegant and modern look

When it comes to tiles the selection of available shapes, forms and designs is pretty overwhelming. But at the same time it can be much easier.

Although it’s really important part of the entire kitchen design it should be treated only as an addition. You should match your tiles to your kitchen, not other way around.

You can read about specifications of all types of kitchen tiles in this article.

And if you would like to read more about tiling itself please feel free to check out the guide below. It’s pretty comprehensive and very valuable.

Do not Forget About Extra Lights and Stylish Additions

Remodeling your kitchen completely can be quite expensive project. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to freshen up your kitchen on budget.

Especially if your furniture is not complete rubbish.

Repainting the whole room is always a good idea. That’s the first step and should be a very good start. Another one would be to put new tiles. You can easily find some cheap and stylish options.

But if, for whatever reason, it is not a solution even regrouting can work like magic.

A little bit more expensive approach could involve exchanging worktops and cabinets doors. Worktop should not be much of a problem, but doors can be hard to find and it might be necessary to look for make-to-order options.

It all depends how old your cabinets are and how much you are willing to spend, but the effect can be amazing. Even changing door handles can do the trick.

Nonetheless, all of those efforts will not be useful if you won’t ensure there is enough light.

Below you can find our complete lighting guide with light fixtures cheat sheet.

In my opinion you cannot have too much light and way too often kitchens are just too dark. The last thing you want when preparing a romantic dinner for your better half.

Although, I know sometimes people are afraid it will be an exaggeration. The good news is lights are currently fairly cheap and you can always install a dimmer.

How much light is too much or how dark is too dark you have to answer yourself.

Polda Builders, as always, are more than happy to assist you in any project, problem or question you might have or encounter. Just use our chat or follow the button below.

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