What Else Can You do to Increase the Value of Your Property

What Else Can You do to Increase the Value of Your Property

As you are probably aware there are many different alterations and improvements you can do inside and outside of your house. Some of them will significantly increase the value of your real estate. The purpose of other ones will be to simply make you feel more comfortable.

You have got many “tools” at your disposal. Bathroom and kitchen remodelling, conservatories and extensions, loft and basement conversions, even garage conversions.

The bad news is these modifications can be rather expensive.

Can you do something without spending a fortune that will drastically improve your home? Of course you can. And I will try to familiarise you with some of them on this page below.

You have got many “tools” at your disposal to improve your home. Bathroom and kitchen remodelling, conservatories and extensions, loft and basement conversions, even garage conversions. #CambridgeRenovations

Naturally, the list is not finished and it’s not everything you could do or everything we could help you with. But I believe it’s quite wide range of options you can consider.

Painting, decorating, home office, wall rearrangement, studio apartment and custom furniture.

We could also include on that list all sort of illuminations, metallic or traditional finish, exposure of wooden beams and classic bricks or any other interior design examples.

And you will find information about it inside the text as well.

Although, we won’t spend too much time going into details. Feel free to reach us through our chat in the bottom right corner or drop us an email at office@poldabuilders.com in case you would like to know more about anything specific.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Painting and Decorating is the Quickest Home Improvement

One of the first things you can do it, and also probably the easiest, is to paint one of the rooms or the entire house. The good news is you can give it a go and try to paint yourself.

We have prepared some tips for you on how to do it efficiently. You can find in the below article.

It’s worth to give a shot if you have enough time. Even more if walls are in good condition and do not require any repairs or leveling. Otherwise, it is a little bit more difficult and it might make sense to use a professional.

Coming back to painting itself, currently we have available such a variety of paints that you can achieve really magical effects. So don’t settle for simple white or magnolia.

With all sorts of colours, textures and finishes the only thing to stop you is your own creativity.

Another fairly easy thing to do to improve the inside of your house is of course decorating. And here the sky is truly the limit. You can arrange everything as you just wish to and it’s totally up to you.

To just list a few, you can:

  • Hang pictures of your loved ones
  • Add some piece of art
  • Include some greenery
  • Put a wallpaper on
  • Sheepskin throws can be cosy
  • Change or install more lighting
  • Illuminate just certain spots
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Declutter some places
  • Introduce new shelf
  • Create reading corner
  • Exposure of wooden beams or bricks

If you are looking for some inspiration you can find it in this article with 50 easy home décor ideas that will instantly transform your space.

Some of the above ideas will require minimal funding and some can implemented at basically no cost whatsoever.

In the Present Times Home Office is Simply a Must

And I mean it. We live in such times that dedicated place where you can work is inevitable. Just think about it. Being employed and working from home one or two days a week is not something unusual these days.

It actually became very popular. Not to mention all the people who are entrepreneurs, solopreneurs or freelancers that have no other place to work than their homes.

Or Costa Coffee and some coworking areas, but you get the point.

Even if working from home doesn’t include you I am more than certain that you have multiple office-related stuff you have to take care of. Either in electronic or traditional form.

It’s just the world we live in, pretty much everyone is in a similar situation. And in such case home office space simply makes a lot of sense.

Somewhere where you can work in peace or just even store all your important documents.

In the Present Times Home Office is Simply a Must

Besides, dedicated room for that and for your computer has one additional benefit. You don’t have to have a desk in your bedroom or any other room, so you are not expose to the radiation that much.

In order to have that office space used most efficiently there are few things you should take under consideration. First and foremost is comfortable chair.

Especially if you are really planning to use that room often.

There is nothing wrong the back pains that do not allow you to focus on your task. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be comfortable. Even if it will be used only twice a week, it’s worth it.

Other than that it does help a lot if you can get as much natural light as you possibly can. Hence, extension or even a conservatory can be a perfect place for that.

And if you ask me, I am much more efficient and relaxed with few plants around me.

You Can Get Extra Room With Simple Walls Rearrangement

Another alteration you can do inside of your home is to remove the internal wall in order to build it in a slightly different place. Or to divide one huge room with a partition wall to create two separate smaller ones.

Now, this will not give you more space, but it can drastically increase the functionality of your house. Additional room can be used as an office, playroom or even another bedroom.

We are describing the whole process of building partition walls in the article you can find below.

Of course you don’t have to build another wall. By only removing a wall or even part of it you can create a beautiful open plan kitchen with spacious dining area.

And you can do that without planning permission. Just please make sure any wall you are planning to remove is not load-bearing wall. Such walls should not be touched at all.

You can also use that idea to rearrange your master bedroom as well.

The popular solution would be to add en suite with private bathroom only for yourself and your better half. If the room is big enough simply by adding a partition wall. If not you can move the wall of contiguous room.

Ultimately you can create a dressing area that will accommodate all your clothes and shoes. This solution gives really wide range of possible improvements inside of your home.

Transform Your Master Bedroom Into a Studio Apartment

Changing the layout of your walls can be also the very first step in order to create a studio apartment from your master bedroom. Which can be used by one of the family members or rented to someone else.

Although renting might be a bit problematic, since bedrooms are usually located on the upper floor. But even that can be arranged depending on the project and how your house looks like.

This, however, can be only judged and quoted individually.

Ultimately, if rent is indeed what you are planning to do, you can sacrifice the living room.

This way you can easily create another entrance exclusively to that part of your house. Living room on the other hand can be organised inside of stylish conservatory.

Transform Your Master Bedroom Into a Studio Apartment

You can also replace it with dining room, which in turn can be moved to conservatory where you can enjoy your breakfast and morning coffee with a little bit of sun.

As you can see there are many ways to tackle that challenge.

And there are also many reasons to do such alteration. One of them is of course the opportunity to support your monthly budget. But it might be that the reason is completely different.

Whether we like it or not our kids are growing up, getting older and if you would like to give them a little bit more of their own private space, that’s probably the best way to do it.

Definitely much cheaper compared to other scenario and buying them their own flat.

Custom Furniture is Exactly What Your Home Needs

Throughout this page we have provided you multiple ideas of many different shapes and sizes that should be valuable in case you are planning some renovations or alterations.

There are probably hundreds upon hundreds more than only those presented above. The only question is do you really need that many? Very doubtful considering every one of us will do major improvements maybe once every few years.

There are probably hundreds upon hundreds of options to #improve your #home. The only question is do you really need that many? On the other hand it can be also very helpful to know what’s possible and available on the market. #HomeImprovement

On the other hand it can be also very helpful to know what’s possible and available on the market.

From our side we would recommend you only one more thing – custom furniture. Now, we are not specialists, but we have done few custom handmade cabinets, bookshelves, night stands and few other things.

But the one project we are the most proud of is bed we have made quite some time ago for the two little princesses. The below picture you can see is in the making, but it came out perfect.

Custom Furniture is Exactly What Your Home Needs

If you would like to order custom made furniture there are few things you need to know:

  • They are not necessarily more expensive than ready-made
  • Available space for any furniture has to be precisely measured
  • You will have to wait a little bit, they are not available off-the-shelf
  • Try to be extremely precise about how should look like
  • You can use and show pictures as an inspiration

If done well it can be really almost a piece of art and one of a kind piece of furniture. And to make the most of that we encourage you to use some local specialist who does only furniture.

Especially if it’s something really complex and fancy that you have in mind. In case of more simple projects, we are more than happy to support you also in this kind of endeavour.

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