How to Effortlessly Turn a Room Into a Studio Apartment

How to Turn a Room Into a Studio Apartment

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With real estate prices being through the roof many people decide to “rent” a room from their parents in the family house. Other people decide to share an apartment with friends or strangers.

That’s really nothing new and who could blame them. Or us. Did you know that banks give mortgages up to 4 or 5 yearly salaries? Cool if you did, don’t worry if you didn’t.

Here’s the kicker. Average real estate prices in London are around 14 average yearly salaries.

Fourteen! That’s just mind blowing. No wonder people are looking for alternatives. Of course there are many people who can afford it, but there are also many that simply cannot.

I don’t want to go into the discussion if we should do something about it or is it right or wrong, that’s not the point. The point is what can you do if you are in a situation like that.

You can’t afford your own place, but you would love to feel more like home and independent.

Well, we might have a solution for that.

What you can do is to “convert” your bedroom into a small studio apartment. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing, right? If buying your own flat is not an option I think it can work pretty cool.

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Now, I don’t know your exact situation and the layout of the actual apartment or house you live in, but I will try to keep it as universal as possible. Maybe it won’t be a step-by-step guide, but it can definitely be used as an inspiration. 

I hope to provide you with a few great solutions.

Best Ideas to Create a Studio Apartment From a Room

  • Put up a divider – it doesn’t have to be a wall, it can be even a bookcase or a curtain. Or sliding doors if you can and want to invest into something like that. But basically it can be anything that will allow you to divide this one room into two areas will do. One of the areas can be used as chillout zone and other one to sleep.
  • Invest in wall bed – I bet you’ve seen them in one of them American movies. They actually “a thing” in UK as well. It’s called “space saving furniture”. Google it up, it’s pretty cool and fairly cheap solution. Thanks to that you will get more space during the day.
  • Invest in sofa bed – this is the alternative option to the above one in case you don’t like the idea. Sofa beds been around forever, but they are more comfortable and better looking than ever before. During a night comfy bed, during a day a place to sit and chat.
  • Get your bed off the floor – you can either hang it up right under the ceiling or built a miniloft with a place to sleep slightly higher than usual. This way you can use the space underneath as a small office lounge area with a sofa and coffee table. Ultimately, you can use one of those babies.
Best Ideas to Create a Studio Apartment From a Room
  • Create designated areas – whether you will use any divider or not create a feeling of small apartment by “allocating” certain areas of the room as living and a place to sleep. Putting at least two rocking chairs and a coffee table or other lounge room furniture do help a lot. You can also paint the walls different colours to separate the areas.

Above you can find few really good ideas to transform your bed into a small apartment. And what you shouldn’t do? Definitely don’t bother with creating anything like kitchen area.

Don’t waste space for anything like that. Or something like “front door area” with mailbox, plant or coat rack. Yes, I’ve seen something like that, but I don’t see a point really.

This house or apartment surely do have those facilities.

Although I have to admit mini fridge is hell of an idea and will definitely add some awesomeness to the entire project!

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