Prefabricated House Extensions, What You Need To Know

What The Prefab Extension Actually Is

House extensions are pretty well established on British market and are very well known solutions to improve your house, expand your living space and increase the value of your property. Prefabricated house extensions on the other hand are a little bit of novelty. Yes, they are available on the market for quite some time now, […]

Best Loft Conversion Alternatives You Didn’t Know About

What are the Best Alternatives to Loft Conversions

Loft conversion is probably the most popular house alteration these days. Real estate prices are through the roof and this is one of the easiest ways to get more usable space. It’s already there so all you have to do is to adapt and adjust this space to your needs. Of course, you can always […]

Reliable Extension Builders? Here’s How To Find Them

How to Find Reliable Extension Builders

Considering you have landed on our page the good news is you just found yourself a reliable company to do a house extension and other works for you 🙂 Being honest, although it’s 100% true, we can totally understand the pain of finding reliable extension builders. Or actually any builders in general. It’s definitely a […]

Simple and Comprehensive Guide to House Extensions

Are House Extensions Worth the Hassle

Simple and Comprehensive Guide to House Extensions Recently we had a pleasure of writing and publishing an article about loft conversions. This week we have decided to focus on house extensions. Which are equally popular solutions to increase the size of your house due to ridiculous real estate prices. Funnily enough such attic alteration is […]

Everything You did not Know About Loft Conversions

Will Loft Conversion add Value

Everything You did not Know About Loft Conversions Have you noticed that recently almost everyone has done or is planning to do a loft conversion? At least it seems nowadays like a very hot topic. And honestly speaking I am not surprised. Attic is usually unused space that can be quite easily adapted as another […]

Interior Walls Construction, the Ultimate DIY Guide

What do You Need to Build a Partition Wall

Interior Walls Construction, the Ultimate DIY Guide Back in the old days once a house was built it would be standing unchanged for tens of years. Nothing much could have been done inside really. The interior walls were solid and modifying anything would involve a lot of work. Forget about changing the number of rooms, […]

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