Mini Loft Conversion: What To Do When Your Loft Area Is Small

Is My Loft Too Small To Convert

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It seems like everyone has or plans to make a loft conversion these days. No wonder, it’s a really easy way to increase your living space and also increase the value of your property.

On top of that it’s simply pretty cool and cosy space. The problem is that not everyone has enough space to make an additional living room, full-size bedroom or gaming room.

So what can you do when your loft is really small?

Is there a solution or you are forced to have just lame and boring storage instead? Well, I have some good news for you. There are quite many options. In fact I would argue that this challenge is an advantage.

You can make a mini loft conversion and in my opinion it’s even cooler and even more cosy. Hence, I will list down a few of my favourite proposals to very small loft conversions.

Alright, so let’s get down to business!

Is My Loft Too Small To Convert?

If you want to play by the book, your loft has to have at least 2.2m high before it gets converted. Then after the conversion it will have around 2m, so it will be comfortable to stand and move around.

Other than that it can’t be too narrow or too short. Meaning, there is no theoretical limit of how long or how wide it has to be. If it has enough height it cannot be too small to convert. 

Just go for it and convert it!

And you know what? Even if your loft is not high enough I don’t think you have to worry. Apparently the legal minimum height has been removed from Building Regulations and it’s more a recommendation now.

Apparently the legal minimum height has been removed from Building Regulations and it’s more a recommendation now. This opens a lot of opportunities for #MiniLoftConversions

Although, to keep it practical you might want to make sure there is enough room. Still, loft conversion is a subject to building regulation approval if it’s to become habitable space. So it might make sense to check with your local authority.

1.9m, maybe even 1.8m should get approved.

Height aside, don’t worry about lack of space, just look at this thing of beauty. Check out also other pictures and related ideas, just magnificent.

The Best Ideas For Mini Loft Conversions

And what can you do with your mini loft? There are tonnes of possibilities. Think about your mini home cinema or gaming room or entertainment centre for that matter.

You can also create your own reading space with a collection of books. Your very small loft can also be a quiet room where you collect yourself or an office. Although the latter might be tricky.

But a private den and additional super cosy bedroom are definitely possible 🙂

Truth to be told you are limited only by your imagination. Ok, maybe you won’t be able to convert into a dancing club or full-size man or woman cave, but you know what I mean.

Try not to think about this tiny loft you have as something impossible to convert. Treat as a challenge and try to make its size an advantage. I’m sure you will get great results.

At the end of the day it’s already there, so let’s make a good use of it!

Ah, and one more thing: try to use light colours and get as much light inside as possible. It will make the room feel bigger. Ok, that was two things 😉

Mini Loft Conversions Ideas

  • Reading space
  • Mini cinema
  • Quiet room
  • Extra bedroom
  • Home office
  • Gaming room
  • Private den
The Best Ideas For Mini Loft Conversions

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